Solar Image Segmentation

This image shows performance comparison for algorithms on solar segmentation.

The above image illustrates a few different approaches, a Gaussian model, Mixture, and Random Forest, that attempt to reproduce the Ground Truth image at bottom right. The white stripes are undesired but indicate regions of poor labeling. See the associated paper for explanation.

What's happening on the sun?

The Sun is very dynamical with periodic changes over the course of years. Sometimes it has a nasty temper and explodes in a flare or releases large amounts of material into outer space in a coronal mass ejection. These changes have direct impacts on Earth, such as potential damage to satellites, fluctuations in the power grid, and communication outages. Further, there are key unanswered questions such as, "Why is the corona so much hotter than the surface of the Sun?" I have worked on a Sun image segmentation software that takes images of the Sun and outputs a mapping of different phenomena. We can use this to drive alerts and warnings as well as catalog and retrieve data for scientific exploration.

The labeled data set can be retrieved from Google Drive. The associated paper can be found with the code.